Discover the magic of Lafont workwear

Explore the enchantment of Lafont at Tovari, where we proudly announce our official partnership with Lafont, the specialist in high-quality workwear. Together, our forces merge in a symbiosis of pride and passion for craftsmanship.

Lafont’s timeless craftsmanship

Lafont’s timeless craftsmanship dates back to 1844 and forms the core of their commitment to authentic craftsmanship. This rich history has globally recognized Lafont as an authority in high-quality workwear, and now you can benefit from their unparalleled expertise.

Lafont and the MICHELIN Guide: a unique collaboration

Discover the unique collaboration between Lafont and the MICHELIN Guide over the next three years. Lafont becomes the exclusive partner of the MICHELIN Guide, allowing your team to exude a touch of culinary class. As a one-of-a-kind initiative, Lafont has the honor of embroidering distinctions on the iconic jackets of selected restaurants. A tribute to Lafont’s excellence and a celebration of shared values such as passion, determination, and creativity between Lafont and the MICHELIN Guide.


Our pride at Tovari

At Tovari, we are not only witnesses to this unique collaboration; we are also proud to be part of this adventure. Our joint dedication to passion, craftsmanship, and French finesse comes to life in the stylish and technically perfect workwear we create in collaboration with Lafont.

Discover Lafont workwear at Tovari

Explore the exclusive Lafont Collection at Tovari, where we proudly present high-quality workwear starting from only 48 euros. Be inspired by the French touch and personalize the clothing as desired. Contact us through our website or call 085-4842000 for more information. At Tovari, we are ready to assist you in finding the perfect workwear for your team.

Step into the world of craftsmanship and style with Tovari and Lafont. Together, we set the standard for high-quality workwear in the gastronomy industry.